Soshi Kisada

The Underhand of the Emperor


Public Daimyo of the Soshi family of the Scorpion clan and childhood friend of the emperor. Serves as the most trusted advisor to the emperor and rumored to be the true Underhand of the Emperor.


Soshi Kisada was the son of a high ranking Soshi shugenja who won the right to be one of the Ruby Champions, the official tutors of the imperial line. For those with imperial blood who show an affinity with the Kami must be trained as well. Being in the presence of the imperial children allowed Kisada to quickly make friends with the heir to the throne. He ingratiated himself by becoming indispensable. Whenever the heir needed information about a girl he liked, a rival he hated or just plain gossip, Kisada got him the information and not once did he ever ask for anything in return. When as teens, the heir was nearly assassinated by Bloodspeakers, it was Kisada that saved his life. When the heir took the throne he made Kisada a trusted advisor. Though the emperor still listened to the advice of the clan champions of all the clans, Kisada became his defacto goto man. This fact was noticed by everyone including the Scorpion clan champion. Bayushi Shun attempted to use this to his own advantage trusting that Kisada would put his duty to the clan foremost in his mind. When the champion’s son died in the duel for the Emerald Championship and his daughter became obsessed with revenge, Shun was forced to offer the ancestral sword of the clan to Kisada as only he was strong enough to protect the emperor and keep the Scorpion’s duty. Kisada became master of secrets upon Shun’s seppuku.

Soshi Kisada

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