Matsu Yakamo

Fallen Lion


Akodo Yakamo lead the army defeated by the returning Kirin/Unicorn clan. This loss caused him a considerable loss of face. He blamed it on the Scorpion clan and vowed vengeance against them. His personal retinue was filled with Matsu troops and it was the Matsu daimyo who offered him fealty when he stepped down as commander of the Lion clan armies. He is their champion no more but this is a temporary setback. No Lion would expect a commander who had been betrayed to commit seppuku before gaining his vegeance against the betrayer. For now he is considered to be a Matsu Deathseeker.


Akodo (Matsu) Yakamo has always been a big man with a brash temper. During a Winter court when the Emerald Championship was being held in Lion lands, he got into an altercation in a geisha house owned by the Scorpion clan. The altercation centered around the rule that the hosting clan could not participate in the championship and that he could win the contest easily. His frustration at the goading of masked (scorpion) men caused him to lash out at the geisha (as he was prevented by protocol of harming any Samurai without provocation). When Bayushi Satsu attempted to stop him from severly manhandling the geisha he took that as an open invitation to manhandle Satsu. The beating that he gave Satsu caused the Scorpion duelist to lose his match against Mirumoto Hoturi. In fact he failed to block the swing that would normally only have wounded him and instead took his life. Most blamed the Scorpion for failing to put forth a proper duelist. Few blamed Hoturi for taking advantage of an obviously inferior opponent. One blamed Yakamo and she changed her name to Hitomi.

Matsu Yakamo

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