Doji Kachiko

The Red Crane


She is the most beautiful woman in Rokugan and she knows it.


Her vanity is only outdone by her ambition to control the economic might of the empire. She controls how much every clan pays in taxes, what goods flow where and the exchange rates of koku throughout the empire.

Doji Kachiko was raised to be the consort of the emperor. Her main goal was to secure his love and his heart and in that way once again ensure that the imperial line was linked to the Crane clan. After having a Lion consort to the only Empress to reign to date the Crane clan wanted to ensure this would not happen again. Unfortunately for Kachiko, the heir to the throne fell in love with every girl but her during his younger days and when it came time to seriously choose a woman to be his consort, his eyes traveled not towards her but towards the north. Seeing that Kachiko would not be able to entice the emperor with her beauty alone, the Crane clan put all their efforts into grooming her to be the most formidable economic advisor the empire had ever known. Perhaps her intelligence and wealth would put them into a position that her beauty had failed to do.

Doji Kachiko

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