Bayushi Hitomi

Scorpion clan Champion?


She shaved her head when her brother was killed and dedicated her life to dueling. She is the best duelist in the Scorpion clan. Her beauty is stunning even with a bald head and she wears her shadow tattoos with honor in the shape of a black or shadow dragon curling up around her neck and onto the back of her head.

Hitomi carries the fake ancestral sword of the Scorpion clan while Soshi Kisada carries the true Ancestral Sword as per her father’s wishes. Her ultimate goal is to force him to commit Seppuku with the sword and to use it to win the Emerald Championship.


Bayushi Hitomi is obsessed. Her family is in disgrace. Her father who doted over her and gave her anything and everything she desired has committed seppuku for the failures of the Scorpion clan to infiltrate the barbarians claiming to be the Kirin clan’s descendents. Her older brother who she idolized had competed in the contest for the Emerald Championship several years before and lost. His loss was rumored to have been because of wounds he took fighting off Akodo Yakamo, in a scuffle at a geisha house owned by the scorpion clan. Refusing to stand down from the contest, he faced off against Mirumoto Hoturi and lost miserably. The humiliation was felt all around the empire at the time. Most have forgotten this humiliation but Hitomi remembers.

After her father’s seppuku she took over the reigns of the clan. She had spent years perfecting her dueling style to prepare for the next Call for the Test of the Emerald Champion. The current Emperor enjoyed the pomp and prestige of the contest so he held it every 7 years to honor the Kami and the clans that they founded. Becoming clan champion would eliminate her ability to participate unless she named an heir.

Her struggles with her desires and her duties are only compounded by the fact that she knows it is Soshi Kisada who truly runs the clan. He is the true underhand of the emperor and considered to be the emperor’s chief advisor and confidant. She is not sure how much of her father’s failure lays in Kisada’s lap but she intends to find out. This could potentially lead to a shadow war within the clan and across the empire.

Bayushi Hitomi

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